Why are men afraid of women? Look at the keywords for the Dark, Feminine, Side and you will understand. The dark sucks them in. The dark inside your mysterious labia, ladies.

We are every bit as human as men, but we have that slit with the tempting worm wiggling at them and they find it irresistible.

Why are we built this way?
Are we not the children of greater beings?
Or are we children of equivalent beings?

Are we as Gods?


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I have tried to keep my inventions in a tight bundle, but being a Gemini with Gemini Rising, Venus in Aries, Uranus Rising and Jupiter at the top in Pisces, there is so much to do, to explain and to enjoy that I am a self generating, constantly cell-dividing creature of innovation. Join me. Click the links below to find some hidden treasure; a new meaning or explanation of something you always wondered about. I may not be correct, but I will make you think. Big Love to you all.

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